#actorslife -it’s a collaborative effort

Theater. A word, particularly in Los Angeles, that can make some people cringe. Or, can make others perk up and ask, “what’s good?” or even exclaim, “You have to see….” To an actor, however, theater can be life itself.

Where does it all begin? How does it all start? Simply put, with a dream.

An original musical comedy REUNION was brought to life recently as a collaborative effort that began with Marc Ellis, Michael Lange and David Matthews.  It’s easy to speculate that it was an idea that resulted in a plethora of drafts and rewrites.  Creativity brewing!  From there, add in  BlackHart Productions and Kay Cole as the director and choreographer.  Secure a location. Search for the perfect cast (throw in more rewrites), and, alas! Rehearsal! Passion!  Determination, sweat and blood!  All crucial ingredients so that REUNION could make its world premiere at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood, California earlier this month.

The dream lives on!!

And speaking of dreams….back to the actors. Or in this case, an actress. Suzanne Mayes.  With her talent, enthusiasm, discipline, and let’s not forget, flexibility, she brings to life the role of Patty, wherein she not only acts, but sings and dances as well.

“It’s definitely been a collaborative effort with the cast, our director Kay Cole and with the writers Marc Ellis, Michael Lange, and David M. Matthews. If a song isn’t working for an actor’s voice, we have the flexibility and the privilege of working with the composer in rehearsals to make changes, and help show off the singer’s strength while still telling the story,” says Suzanne Mayes.

“As an actor, you have to stay focused, be flexible and work together with your director, cast, and writers as a team to make it come together,” continued Mayes.

Suzanne Mayes’ relentless enthusiasm for what she does is contagious. I can only imagine how her energy will ignite the performance! Something I indeed look forward to enjoying.

Reunion runs at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3pm on Sundays through December 13, 2015. NoHo Arts Center is located at 11136 Magnolia Blvd. N. Hollywood (Ample Street Parking). Tickets are $34.99. Reservations: (323) 960-7773 or at Plays411.com/REUNION

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