Hey, Y’all! Check out Bless Her Heart Productions’ The Bar!

Nancy Minkler, Bonnie Hallmann & Heidi Brook Myers

What happens when best girlfriends who happen to be actresses get an idea — while living in the movie capital of the world? Well, they make magic in the most artistic, fun and creative way possible!

Nancy Minkler and Heidi Brook Myers have been besties for over 25 years.  A few years ago they met up with writer extraordinaire Bonnie Hallman and together they started up Bless Her Heart Productions.

Ideas percolate. People come together. Money is raised!

And after months… and months… AND MONTHS of diligently working, they create THE BAR – a ten episode comedy series which can now be viewed and enjoyed on YouTube!

Every episode – created by Nancy Minkler and written by Bonnie Hallman – makes you want to watch the next one!

IMG_0532Actors Gregor Manns and Jennifer R. Blake are hysterical. Newell Alexander and Rosemary Alexander have incredible chemistry – talk about heat!  Adam Huss and Alberto Marrero, Jr. are themselves total hotties (H O T T I E S!… whew…. ), and Heidi and Nancy are a joy to watch.  All the cast did an incredible job!

Hey, that’s Moosie Drier with some of the amazing cast & crew who made The Bar!

Moosie Drier directed the series and viola!  Magic!
(– with the help of some talented post-production folks as well).

These episodes are worth checking out!

Bravo, ladies, for making it happen! #Impressive!

Time to party!!

Looking forward to more fabulous things from y’all!

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