Scooter LaForge: An Artist in New York

Sometimes when you see someone you haven’t seen in a very long time, years even, it can feel like you saw them only yesterday.  That’s how I felt when I was able to visit with Scooter LaForge — seemed like just yesterday we were dancing to Madonna, discussing Duran Duran, taking photos out in the “boonies” or just hanging out, as teenagers tend to do.

But, alas, that was years ago.

He’s now an artist making a splash in Manhattan, and #BAM, it fits him so well.

He was wearing a Keith Haring baseball cap when I saw him. It reminded when we were in high school, and Scooter had returned from a visit in New York.  He was talking about an artist named Keith Haring, and how cool his Pop Shop store was.  I was so enthralled, Scooter gave me the shopping bag he had from the store.  (I still have it, put away somewhere, along with some other high school memorabilia.)

We ended up visiting the Patricia Field Store, as I wanted to see the Scooter Enterprises clothing line.  Loved the store! Unique. Fun. And, a perfect place for Scooter’s wearable art that’s been purchased by Beyonce and Rihanna to drop a couple of names (and remember when Madonna was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year? She and her dance crew were wearing Scooter LaForge hats and masks).  I bought a shirt, too, as I couldn’t pass up on Snow White drinking a Coors beer!

Scooter has a youthfulness and joy that will be with him always. It’s part of who he is, and it’s prevalent in his work.

His paintings are tongue in cheek.  There is an innocence about them that includes a poignancy and darkness that creeps under your skin, making you question what is not so obvious.  I have to make it a point to make it to New York to see his solo show in September.   Scooter has been busy creating new work, that I just know will be mind blowing.

Scooter with a couple of fabulous employees at the Patricia Field Store in New York

Adam Lehrer recently wrote about Scooter for that includes a quick recap of some of Scooter’s upcoming exhibitions:

“He has a solo show at Galerie MX in Montreal opening August 19. His work will be featured in a group show, ‘Powerful Babies,’ at the Spirit Museum in Stockholm opening September 22; the show explores the influence of Keith Haring on modern artists. He also has a show coming up at Howl! Arts in the Lower East Side, entitled ‘How to Create a Monsterpiece,’ opening September 19.”

On August 18th, he’ll be a keynote speaker in Montreal as well.


He’s living the dream, and I couldn’t be happier for him.


A selfie with the artist!

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