The Phantom & Spamalot

Two musicals in one week.  That’s a record for not being in New York.


Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater one night.


Monty Python’s Spamalot at the Hollywood Bowl the next.

Fabulous music. Wonderful performances.  Spectacular costumes. Amazing sets. Tears in one. Laughter in the other.


And I couldn’t help but wonder as I stared at the stage during intermission at the Bowl, what about a show that combined the two?

Phantom of the Spam?
Spamming the Phantom?
The Phantom and the Spam.

Opera. Check.
Holy grail? Sure.
Lady of the lake? Oh yeah.
She falls for the phantom? Maybe.

Have to keep the masquerade! After all, everyone’s hiding behind something, even though everyone seeks to discover his/her own truth!

Find the Grail! Keep the girl…. and/or the guy… and it’s the hunt for the perfect laugh your ass off musical that means absolutely nothing! (Except to those who put their heart and soul in it so it means everything.)

Sing.  Dance.  Shimmy.  Laugh.  Cry. And laugh some more.

And  the audience goes home feeling pleased.

If there was a Phantom and the Spam.

But there’s not.  Not yet anyway.

In the meantime though, the Phantom of the Opera was lovely.  Not necessarily spectacular, but entertaining. (I had seen a much more flamboyant production years before; however, it was my daughter’s first time seeing it and she was blown away.)

And Spamalot was a hoot (it was fun to see Christian Slater up on stage… along with Merle Dandridge, Warwick Davis, Tom Deckman, Eric idle, Craig Robinson & Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  I heard they only had two days of rehearsal before putting it up. Kudos for such a great show!)  There was a scene in Act 2 when Merle Dandridge (Lady of the Lake) was singing right before the full moon.  Memorable moment.

I do like the idea of a converging of the two.  Just putting it out there.


Blue Moon, 7/31/15


Lady of the Lake singing before the full moon… 8/1/15


just a thought…..

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