Contemplating the Clouds

Fourth cup of coffee. Wednesday morning. Early.


The sun is hidden behind layers and layers of dark overlapping clouds. Teasing everyone with rain.

“Feels like New Orleans,” a friend said last night, while other asked, “Since when did California become Florida?”

It has been unusually sticky and hot these past few days.

There is something magical about looking into the clouds though, which lends itself to an escapism – ah, the dreaming, floating, being elsewhere other than here, even for but a brief moment.


Suddenly I’m reminded:

“Be in the moment”

— a common phrase, especially among actors and people who meditate.

Even if that means listening to the noise?

So much noise. Ranting. Raving. Anger. Lots of anger. Hate. Too much hate. From old anger that becomes new anger for something else. What if it was all just washed away – washed away by the rain…

that will probably never come.

Yesterday a colleague inquired, “Will Greece ever be saved?”

The response was, “Yes, only if more than half of the debt is washed away.”

What an interesting concept – wash it away.

Wash away the hate, the anger, the anxiety, the insecurities, the ignorance, the worry, the …


In a few days, the sun will be back, with typical LA clear skies and layers of brown gunk on the horizon.


& photos by Sophia Louisa Lee


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